Album Review-The 1975’s “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”


I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
The 1975
released February 26, 2016

The reintroduces the England-based group’s eclectic sound, which ranges from gospel to late 80s synth-pop. Their self titled first track is a re-imagination of a song off their previous album. Rather than the angst they expressed in their first album, the band now introduces a more clear yet complex sound through this revitalized first track. The following songs, “Love Me” and “UGH!”, are fast tempo and upbeat, setting the stage for that late 80s early 90s synth-pop sound. Elaborate guitar riffs mixed with unique synth rhythms induce a care-free, wholesome feeling. Add in Matty Healy’s enthusiastic, sometimes sarcastic, vocals and the album appears to be a windows-rolled-down-roadtrip compilation. But as the the album progresses, the band introduces more unique pieces like “If I Believe You” which, with its added vocals, induces an evangelical gospel feeling. “Please Be Naked”, a non-lyrical piece that combines a simple piano melody and intense synth, acts as a transition piece to the group’s more emotional music. As the music becomes more intense, so do the lyrics. The 1975 deepen their characters with lines that question love, death, and the uncertainties of life. The song “Somebody Else” represents a deep emotional release, still reliant on simple piano chords and complex synth beats, creating a distinct and new sound that The 1975 beautifully utilizes. The album ends with “She Lays Down”, a track that is very intimate for the listener because it is solely Matty Healy, his guitar, and you. This song contemplates suicide but ultimately resolves with the wonder of life, reflecting the beauty of the melody and harmonizing guitar, ending the album on a dark but hopeful note, leaving the listener in a harmonic melancholy as the last notes ring.

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