Humans of The Handlebar

These Humans of the Handlebar are Dickinson students who hold open hours at the Handlebar. They have consistently held open hours this fall 2019 semester and supported the gem that is our community bike co-op! Thank you Humans of the Handlebar!

Get a Glimpse into the Handlebar

During the busy semesters, we don’t often get a chance to focus on the bigger picture- why do we do the things we do? Taking advantage of the summer, this collaboration with Marketing and Communications was a great chance to do just that. While we could never go over the confidence, skills, equitable access, independence, freedom, improved health, and more that the space offers in just one minute, this video is a glimpse. To understand more about the Handlebar, you’ll have to come by yourself! Continue reading →

Shop & Ride 2019: Buy a bike and have it ready when you get to campus!

Shop & Ride: Buy a bike and have it ready when you arrive! Dickinson has teamed up with Holmes Cycling and Fitness, a family-owned, local bicycle shop to offer sales to Dickinsonians. Through the Shop & Ride Program, you can order your bike, helmet, lock and accessories online before August 9 and have it ready for pick up on campus during Orientation 2019. The Shop & Ride program supports Dickinson’s commitment to sustainable transportation, and helps incoming students find a great bike at a great Continue reading →

Northside Ride Recap and Highlights 2019

  One week ago, with a an abundance of incredible community and student volunteers, community partners and bike riders of all ages to thank, the fruition of planning and preparing bloomed (literally- the cherry trees bloomed the day before) into the North Side Ride. The planning and preparation process seemed unparalleled towards creating an experience that turned out smoothly; I suppose this is the result of our meticulous planning. We began with t-shirt printing, check-in, and bike checks at New Life Community Church, where we Continue reading →

Inclusivity in Cycling (a lack thereof)

As International Women’s Day gets a little less than 3 weeks away I want to talk a little more on women in biking. First of all, a note on language, when I use the word “woman” I am referring to anyone who identifies as a woman or expresses their gender as feminine.  Check out the gender unicorn if you are confused on what that might mean. We are talking about women because in a recent study done by Camber Outdoors the biking industry was perceived Continue reading →

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Notes February 18, 2019

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes February 18, 2019 Present: Ken Shultes, Lindsey Lyons, Cody Rosenbarker, Jeanette Diamond, Madie Ritter, Espoir DelMain, Jim Ciaroccia, Jason Gavinonas Charge: The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) of Dickinson College is charged with making the college and surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment. BAC will work to develop a comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Dickinson that:  Promotes the engineering of a comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained network Offers diverse bicycle education programs for campus cyclists and motorists  Maintains and expands The Handlebar, Continue reading →