Volunteer at The Handlebar

The Handlebar, Dickinson’s Bicycle Cooperative, is seeking enthusiastic student, staff, and faculty volunteers to help run the shop and improve the Biking@Dickinson programs. Handlebar Users and Volunteers can be students, staff, or faculty.

Why Volunteer at The Handlebar?

Volunteering at The Handlebar can be a very rewarding part of being a Dickinsonian. Volunteers are crucial to making The Handlebar operate efficiently, effectively, and safely, but in return, Volunteers have opportunities to build and develop skills, serve the College and community, and work towards fun incentives while connecting with others around bikes and biking. Volunteers who log 10 or more hours helping in the shop have the opportunity to build their own bike with parts from The Handlebar and use it for the rest of their lives. Talk to a Handlebar volunteer or email Biking@Dickinson.edu for more information about the Build-a-Bike program.

Engaging at The Handlebar

There are many different ways to engage with The Handlebar; you can be casual Users, a more committed Volunteer, or a dedicated Biking@Dickinson Intern. All Handlebar Users share a set of responsibilities, while Volunteers, and Biking@Dickinson Interns show an increase in commitment, responsibility, and opportunity.

Everyone who comes into The Handlebar is a User. Whether they are coming to fix their bike or just coming to hang out, they are a Handlebar User. Please encourage them to keep coming! Users are critical to The Handlebar. The shop would be nothing without them.

All Handlebar Users’ Responsibilities

  • Respect yourself, other Handlebar Users, and The Handlebar space, tools, and supplies
  • Seek solutions to challenges yourself before asking others for help
    • The Handlebar is a trial-and-error learning space.
    • Think critically and use resources such as the bicycle mechanic books, Google, Youtube, and other Users, Volunteers, and Biking@Dickinson Interns
  • Be helpful, listen to advice, and clean up after yourself
  • Share your knowledge, experience, and love of biking with those around you

For more information about volunteering see Handlebar Volunteering Guide

If you are interested in volunteering visit us at the Handlebar during open hours or contact us at biking@dickinson.edu !