Bike Storage Program

Our Indoor Bike Storage Program 

Our bike storage program is free and safe. We offer long-term winter and summer bike storage in a safe, indoor location on campus in the basement of Kaufman Hall. The program is coordinated by the Center for Sustainability Education. We offer check in and check out days at the beginning and end of each semester.  

Don’t leave your bike out in the cold or extreme summer heat! Not riding, store it! 

How IWorks? 

Storing your bike is simple. Bring your bike to the Center for Sustainability Education, Kaufman 190 during our designated times – e-mail to find out when – complete an easy form and leave the rest to us! You can leave your bike in storage for a semester, summer, or year. Whatever is needed. Come back and sign it out when you are ready to ride again. 

Why We Offer Storage? 

We want as many bikes at Dickinson as possible. They are good for people, the planet and for our wallets! We are committed to offering free and reliable bike storage to support biking culture at Dickinson and invest in this sustainable behavior. We want Dickinson students to be able to leave their bike safety on campus, out of the elements while abroad, away or when not using the bikeIt helps you, your bike, our groundkeepers, etc.  

Additionally, college policy does not allow for bikes to be stored in hallways, stairwells, or residence hall rooms for safety reasons. 

Want to Learn More? 

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