ABC Quick Check

Hey Biking Buddies! Click the play button below to hear about the Handlebar’s ABC Quick Check tips for getting your own bike up and running at home! Brought to you by the Dickinson Handlebar and Dickinson’s Center for Sustainable Learning!    

Dickinson Global Rides

Biking is a behavior that benefits people, our planet and community prosperity. It saves money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and allows riders to more directly interact with the people and places where we live, work and ride. It’s a skill for change that these #dsonproud Dickinsonians want to share with you! Just released @dickinsoncollege Global Rides 2020.   Check out our new youtube video highlighting Dickinsonians and their adventures riding around the world!

Biking and Wellness

Hey everyone! Im trying to get these out quickly but i realize its already been a month since the last one! Here is my new biking podcast on biking and wellness- check it out! Also if you have a topic or idea you want to suggest for my next show, please feel free to leave a comment!   -Sophie

10/10 Carlisle Rides!

Do you have a bike or board just waiting to get out on the road? Well here’s your chance! Join Dickinson’s Center for Sustainability, as well as our bike co-op, The Handlebar, in celebrating Carlisle Rides on Saturday October 10th, 2020! On this day we are inviting everyone to go outside and take a ride around their neighborhood. Share your ride on social media with #carlislerides to help promote sustainable transportation options in Carlisle, and around the country!    We hope to see you out there!