The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) of Dickinson College is charged with making the college and surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment. BAC will work to develop a comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Dickinson that:

  • Promotes the engineering of a comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained network
  • Offers diverse bicycle education programs for campus cyclists and motorists
  • Maintains and expands The Handlebar, Dickinson’s Bicycle Co-Op
  • Encourages and incentivizes bicycling for students, faculty, and staff
  • Continues developing enforcement for bike riding and parking and all road users
  • Develops evaluation plans and procedures to assess all elements of a comprehensive bicycle plan

2018-2019 Bicycle Advisory Committee Members

  • Jim Ciarrocca, GIS Specialist
  • Andrew Connell, Director, User Services
  • Espoir Delmain, Biking@Dickinson Intern
  • Jeanette Diamond, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Lt. Joseph Fazio, DPS
  • Jason Gavenonis, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Lindsey Lyons, Assistant Director, CSE
  • Madie Ritter, Biking@Dickinson Intern, CSE and VP, Biking Club
  • Cody Rosenbarker, Sustainability Learning Coordinator
  • Sean Ryan, Associate Director of Fraternity Life and Experiential Leadership Education
  • Mark Scott, Director of Grounds and Landscaping
  • Ken Shultes, Associate Vice President for Sustainability and Facilities Planning
  • Kim Wampler, Transportation Coordinator, DPS