Hello, Dickinson Foodies! This past week was brimming  with amazing opportunities for the food lover, food activist, and food eater on campus. As we gear up for the third week of the semester, keep an eye out for some reflective content coming your way on our special guests Hugh Acheson and Raj Patel. Until then, enjoy this highlights from the food industry:

-Will the “sniff test” become a thing of the past? Possibly, at least where milk is concerned. Read about the new technology that tells you when your milk is over the edge.

-Was our first president the first composter? Hardly! But he was a heck of a good one. Read about the history of compost and how to start your own compost bin/pile.

-Dickinson celebrated its 233rd Charter Day Anniversary this past week. In celebration, take a look at what revolutionaries were feasting on within a decade of Dickinson’s founding.

-What effect is food deflation having on national grocery chains? Read more here.

If you have any suggestions for our next addition of “This Week in Food,” comment below or send a link to foodstudies@dickinson.edu.