In rolls summer…

In rolls summer…

By Emily Bowie
After a few weeks at home, the Idea Fund interns are back and at it again. Emily Bowie, Tim O’Reilly and MB Logan will be hard at work this summer pushing the fund’s numerous initiatives from the confines of their tiny, but fantastic apartment (seriously, it has a porch).

Dickinson is quiet, too quiet. But this weekend the noise will surely return as the campus floods as 1,400 alumni come together to remember what they accomplished within these limestone walls. We will be amongst them, serving them coffee, teaching them about bikes and presenting the Fund as a whole.
In addition to participating in the Alumni Weekend festivities we have a full load on our plate this semester. First and foremost, renovations of our new STORE FRONT space on high st. The old store-turned-into-apartment will once again become a community space for all Dickinson students and community members to talk about innovation within the campus.
Other initiatives include:
  • SHOP – A handiwork apprenticeship program between students and facilities workers
  • Defining Campus relationships
  • Further refining executive documents
  • Renovating the website – including a new forum feature!
  • An aquaponics project
  • Analyses of the sustainability of the college’s transportation system


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