In partnership with the Dickinson Arts Collective, we have been putting together an Art Fair to showcase student creativity. All of these students exhibit creativity and innovation through their work and we believe that it is important to share that. Three student artists who are selling at the Art Fair on Saturday, February 18th gave us some insight into their products, creative process, and inspiration. For all of them, creation is a part of their identity and is something that they have defined and refined over time.

At age 15, Keziah Groth-Tuft ‘17 began working at Sojourner, a bead, import, and clothing store in her hometown. It is “impossible to work there without getting the ‘beading bug.’” Through the experience that she gained at the store, she found a genuine love for beading that carries on to this day. “When I graduated high school, my boss at Sojourner gave me the supplies to start my own business instead of the standard card with money in it, and I’ve been selling ever since.” Now you can find her continuing her work at a small business that many Dickinsonians will recognize from the basement of the HUB, Kez Krafts.

Keziah ’17 at her Kez Krafts table with her jewelry

Ilana Zeitzer ‘19 spoke of her love for crocheting, saying that she enjoys crafting for fun, friends or charity. Her mother taught her to knit in third grade. She then learned to crochet through self-teaching and classes starting in sixth grade. “I love creating things that make people smile or laugh. I used to make character hats for children and I love making small creatures too. Also, I love adding color to what I make. Sometimes, I design my own patterns…other times I find a pattern online that I like such as princess hats or sweaters.” In addition to continuing to create new creatures and items, she hopes to start publishing some her patterns online, and possibly selling her products more regularly.

Small crochet creatures by Ilana ’19 and Julia Bray ’19

Colleen Frerichs ‘17 accessed her love for painting while studying abroad in Bologna last year. “Watercolors seemed easier to pack than acrylics and canvas, so that’s what I brought.” Through weekend travels and experiences, she found inspiration to paint. “My most memorable [piece] was my painting of Bellagio, because I did it when I was actually there. I remember sitting in the backyard of our rented house, looking over Lake Como at the mountains with my friend Julianna. We just sat and sketched from our surroundings and it was pretty surreal. My paintings became little visual journal entries.” She posts a lot of her work on Instagram and sometimes takes commissions, though prefers to sell prints because she likes “when people know exactly what they are getting.”

Bellagio by Colleen ’17

Keziah, Ilana, and Colleen will be among other students selling their work at the Art Fair on Saturday. We hope to see you there!


Elizabeth Haraburda ’19, PR & Marketing Director