Launched by students, for students, we empower students from all areas of study and interest to make positive change.

Our Story

The Idea Fund was initially financed by a $15,000 seed donation from former President Durden’s discretionary fund, followed by a private donation of $5,000 in 2011. Since then, our funding stems from loan payback, reflecting monetary savings generated or income earned from projects. Since 2014, we‘ve received an annual grant of $10,000 from Student Senate

Our Teams

The Idea Fund is composed of four functional teams, the Directors of each team sit on the Executive Board. The teams carry out the fund’s operations and provide services to our projects as needed. 

Project Consulting

The Project Consulting team teaches students to help project leaders implement their idea. They are trained in management practices, navigating campus administration, and our idea plan template. Email the team director to become a project consultant!

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach team creates a network of passionate individuals around social entrepreneurship on campus and in the Carlisle community. They work with project leaders to identify partners and stakeholders, and plan events around social innovation and entrepreneurship around campus. Email the team director to get involved!

PR & Marketing

The PR & Marketing team maintains a positive public perception of the Idea Fund and our projects. They organize marketing campaigns and work with the Community Outreach team to promote events and spread the good word of the Idea Fund. Email the team director to get involved!

Finance and Liabilities

The Finance and Liabilities team maintains the financial resources of the Idea Fund, and helps project leaders understand the financial requirements of their project and how to raise money. Email the team director to get involved!

Our People

The Idea Fund is led by students across all majors and class years. We are managed by an Executive Board of 8-10 students composed of the directors of our functional teams, Board Associates (non-voting execs-in-training), various campus liaisons, and our Executive Directors. Meet our current team below.

Executive Board

Fatema Sachak '18
Co-Executive Director
Elizabeth Haraburda '19
Marketing and Outreach Co-Director
Dana Damenova '19
Project Consulting Co-Director
Thomas Nocka '19
Project Consulting Co-Director
Joe Keiger
Finance Director
Kenya Bullock '19
Marketing and Outreach Co-Director

Associates and Leadership

Alex Matt '19
Independent Board Member
Silke Kuhn '21
Associate Board Member
Valerie Busch '20
Associate Board Member
Ashir Baig '20
Associate Board Member
Cheyenne Ghougasian '20
Associate Board Member

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