This Thursday, March 29th, is this year’s annual OCTi, Our Community Their Ideas, event, and we invite you to join us for four “wrong” presentations. This year we have asked two Dickinson students, one professor, and one Carlisle community member to present their controversial ideas on how the societal norm is wrong. These short presentations about their individual abstract views along with breakfast for dinner, and beverages is perfect for a Thursday night break from the real world.

From an early age, Louis Inghilterra ‘21 found his love for old antiques and the 1950’s. He collects, uses, and wears things from the past and with his passion for the past came ambitious projects including a 60’s themed dorm room recreation exhibit and an on-campus high school thrift shop. He admires the uniqueness of the past, and how it shapes the world around us. He looks forward to presenting his ideas to try to break the wasteful consumerism present in today’s society. He promotes the reuse of old items for the simplicity and sustainability in his life. With his love for antiques and his vintage lifestyle, he hopes to be able to tell you what is wrong with the present.

Another Dickinson student, Kevin Ssonko ‘20, will pose a controversial view point on the inadequate structure and methods of the liberal arts education in America today. He feels that the upper level education system lacks the hands on, professional, and life experience needed to succeed as a person morally and intellectually. Society and the American economy make the liberal arts education more about numbers and grades, and less about becoming a beneficial citizen of America. Through his presentation he hopes to challenge the ideas behind the created liberal arts education here in America.

Not only will students present their interesting ideas on this Thursday’s evening, but the department of philosophy’s own, Professor Jeff Engelhardt, will offer a new way of looking at life. He feels as if “Life is long as shit,” and you should hold the important parts of your life dear to your heart because they are easy to forget when you keep chugging along in life. Instead of looking at life as being short, Professor Engelhardt believes you should move on from bad moments in your life and continue to enjoy the long winded ride through milestones in your life. So let him “wow” you with some marvellous long thought out, philosophy on life, and how he believes most people live with the wrong mindset.

A very special guest from Carlisle, Carrie Breschi, will also be joining us at Thursday’s event. Ms. Breschi is a nonprofit director for creative learning and creativity within the community. She will be raising awareness for the use of visual art in the Carlisle community to promote creativity in the development of students and people. Art creates a spark in your mind and it has recently been slowly undermined in the public educational system. Unlike some educators, she feels that art helps develop the outside of the box thinking that creates entrepreneurs and leaders in our society. Visual art in the community adds flavor to life and individualism. She promises a spotlight on the arts within the community with her presentation.

Through these four speeches, free breakfast, and beverages, this year’s annual OCTi event will be one you will not want to miss. Come to OCTi this Thursday, March 29th at 6 PM in the Rector Atrium for an unforgettable mashup of fellow students, professor, and Carlisle community member’s “wrong” presentations.

Here’s  some pictures from last years event, featuring our beloved crossing guard!

Cole Bedeaux ’20