Proposed by:
Rachel Smith '16
Services Received:
Innovation Grant, Project Consulting
LeTorte Elementary, the Carlisle Area School District, Student Senate

We give young students the opportunity to develop a personal connection to – and passion for – music by hosting weekly songwriting workshops.


Begun in fall 2014 and later recognized by Student Senate, Composed members give weekly music lessons to students at LeTort Elementary School. Building off of Rachel Smith’s experience growing up in Carlisle and her love for music, Composed seeks to teach a lifelong love of music through composition. Currently, the program introduces the students to the piano, guitar, ukulele and bass through weekly songwriting workshops given by Dickinson students. The lessons are a huge hit, with many of the 13 LeTort Elementary student participants in the first semester indicating their enthusiasm for a second. Composed is exploring the opportunities to expand their program to other schools in Carlisle.