Alumni Weekend

Last weekend  was a big one: Alumni Weekend, over 1,300 Dickinsonians returning to Carlisle for 3 days of food, friends, and Peddler coffee! We were out in full force all weekend… Thursday night found us outside the Handlebar, Friday in Britton Plaza, the Farm (!), Admissions, and Saturday at Old West, the Office, and Weiss. And on Saturday, we hosted an Open House. Check out how spiffy the Office and the Peddler looked! And take a peek at Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, where you can find more photos from behind the scenes and during the day, in addition to lots of Alumni mugshots on Peddler Instagram!

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Peddler Hole in the Wall

Insert your creativity hereThe Peddler is looking to you for help on a new project. Inside the Idea Fund Office on W. High street, there is a hole in the wall that one day we hope will be filled with coffee and mugs and chatter and (this is where you come in), your creativity! Right now this hole in the wall is pretty bland: just a bare wooden frame, three chairs, and very little of the cool things just mentioned. But that can be changed! Do you want to add your own flare, art, and creative expression to this space? If so, have a chat with either Zach Kaiser or Emily Blau at the next meeting.

NEWS: IF alumni fund raise with Peddler for new business

Scott and Daniel are former Idea Fund Executive Board members now looking in to starting their own businessTwo Dickinson ‘12 Alums — and former Idea Fund Executive Board members — Daniel Grover and Scott Hoffman are renting out the Peddler next Wednesday, October 31 from 8:00-10:30am on Britton Plaza to raise funds for their own vegetable business they’ll start in February 2013. Located just under an acre of borrowed land at the Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, New York, they’ll be growing upwards of 50 varieties of vegetables to sell at a nearby local farmers’ market, with the help of draft animals (horses, mules, and a donkey), using techniques they learned while working at the Dickinson College Farm.

The owners of the Northland Sheep Dairy — Donn and Maryrose — run a horse-powered sheep dairy and sell their cheese at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market. They are looking to diversify their farm, help provide more food to the community, and support young, beginning farmers like Scott and Daniel. They’ll share their land, some tools, horses, water, compost, electricity etc. for free to help kickstart Scott and Daniel’s business. Thanks to Donn and Maryrose’s generosity, much of the expenses of starting their own farm are mitigated; however, Scott and Daniel still need to obtain seeds, a small hoophouse, heat mats for starting seedlings, rowcover, some tools, and a stand for selling their vegetables at market. They are hoping to use the Peddler as a fund-raising source.

To rent out the Peddler for your event or organization, please contact Peddler Managers Emily Blau blaue @ or Zach Kaiser kaiserz @ for more information.

Welcome back, Alumni!

Alumni weekend was a phenomenal success. We opened Saturday morning with the Peddler on Britton Plaza. We gave away free coffee and mugs (that Alumni Relations had leftover from years past – sustainability!). The Alumni asked what we were about and what the Idea Fund was, and overwhelming loved us!

Later in the morning we held a presentation in the Stafford Auditorium and proceeded to spend an hour with the attending Alumni answering questions and taking suggestions. The conversation was stimulating and motivating and we appreciate the time and interest the alumni provided!

To round out the festivities the Handlebar (now officially run by CSE) was open all weekend with the help of Glen Peterman from the Annual Fund.  We sincerely thank Glen for his countless hours promoting the Idea Fund, CSE and the Handlebar itself!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend specifically to help out, including Anthony Silverman, Zack Kaiser, Emily Blau, Matt Michrina, Madison Beehler, and Tabea Zimmerman.

Check out more pictures in the gallery!


Don’t panic. You can still get your fair trade, locally roasted, coffee with your organic teas and local honey / milk 3 days a week. We are just switching Monday with Tuesday, we figure it will be easier to get up for coffee on Tuesday’s. Monday’s are just so…. monday-y. So offically, from now and forever more (until we change them again) the hours are as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-11:00am

Wednesday 9:00-11:00am

The Peddler has tea!

That’s right, you heard us. Don’t drink coffee? That’s fine! The Peddler will now be serving Numi Organic teas on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings! These include Rooibos Chai, Earl Grey, Breakfast, Gunpowder Green, Moroccan Mint, Chocolate Pu-erh, and Jasmine Green! Still a dollar, just like the coffee. Make sure you bring your mugs!

(In fact, we’re on Britton Plaza right now!)


This morning in front of Old West the Idea Fund’s own coffee cart, the Peddler, made its debut! People were tweeting about, blogging about it, and even posting pictures to the college’s facebook account! Make sure to look for the Peddler around campus from now on, especially on #bagelthursdays! The Peddler will be on Britton Plaza tomorrow morning, make sure to come by and get your fair trade coffee and bagel.