Proposed by:
Graham Stevenson '15
Services Received:
Project Consulting
Student Senate

We aim to grow the campus music scene by creating a practice space for students.


Graham Stevenson ’15 noticed that there was no space on campus for non-academic musicians to practice, which stifled the campus music scene and made it extremely difficult to form student bands. In the fall of 2012 he approached the Idea Fund, inspired by the Barn at Connecticut College, and proposed that Dickinson create a space where student bands can practice. From the summer of 2013 to the fall of 2014, students worked to outfit The Shed, located behind the Goodyear art studios, with the necessary musical components. The Jam Space was officially recognized as a club by Student Senate at the start of spring 2015, and outfitted with soundproofing and key card access. Currently, the group will be hosting information sessions to educate students on the appropriate use of the space, and to organize its use.