OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a busy year and we’re pleased to have contributed to the following studies, each focusing on different aspects of plant chemical ecology.

Schultz JC, HM Appel, Ferrieri A, Arnold TM (in review) Flexible resource allocation during plant defense response.  Invited review, submitted May 2013 to Frontiers in Plant Science.

Witter A, Arnold TM (2013) Nature’s Medicine Cabinet: An Interdisciplinary Course Designed To Enhance Student Learning by Investigating the Ecological Roles of Natural Products.   ACS Books “Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry” Symposium Series volume “Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry.”

Arnold TM, Appel H, and Schultz JC (2012) Is polyphenol induction simply a result of altered carbon and nitrogen accumulation?  Plant Signaling & Behavior 7:11, 1-3.