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Tomás Böhmer

My name is Tomás Böhmer. Since birth, my mother would put me on the kitchen counter while I would watch her bake dozens of cakes and pies for weddings. I understood the importance of cooking in developing a strong and united family. I come from a country full of flavors, colors, textures, and recipes. Colombia’s land fertility and diversity bring mouth-watering flavors to the table. But I also come from a country where for many decades only women would be allowed in the kitchen, as my father would tell me, he and his 5 brothers weren’t allowed to place a foot in the kitchen. Too bad for my father, he can’t cook. Thank god, I had the opportunity to learn to enjoy and cook meals that would fill our house with love and good food!


Besides cooking, I love fútbol. I’m a crazy fanatic of my local team, Deportivo Cali. I also enjoy some good music, almost any type. NO POP though. Growing up in the capital of Salsa, dancing wasn’t a problem for me, as the “flavor” is impregnated in my blood. I’m currently a Bedroom DJ.


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