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Science of Original Recipe

Science of Original Recipe: Macarons

Macarons utilize many important scientific principles. Following instructions is important, as the process requires specific reactions and creates a distinct texture. When preparing and using egg whites, extreme precaution and attention should be exercised, as this is a delicate ingredient. In this recipe, egg whites are beaten together with salt until a specific texture is …


Image credit to Audrey Herman, author Macarons are a pastry native to France made of almond flour. They are notoriously difficult to make, so it is important to follow this recipe closely.

About Me

About Me: Lena Rimmer

Hello, my name is Lena Rimmer a first year from Killingworth Ct. I am an Art History major and Italian minor but also am interested in the food studies certificate. In my spare time, I like listening to podcasts and baking! Over winter break I made Tiramisu cookies and they were so good. THANK YOU!