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A Balancing Act That Is Considerably Less Fun Than a Circus

A Balancing Act That Is Considerably Less Fun Than a Circus

By Sam Pollan, ‘14 Balance is important. Finding a way to spend adequate resources across several fields is a necessary, but difficult, task. This is doubly true for climate change. The debate about where to allocate funds or establish green infrastructure is full of head shaking and face palms. Just as Dr. Mike MacCracken warned about how people need to utilize all mitigation solutions before seeking climate remediation, the world needs to prioritize which venture will … Read entire article »

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Don’t stop at easy

Michael Maniates sent me a link to an opinion piece that he wrote for Washingtonpostcom in 2007 in which he again returns to the question of what we can/should do to address environmental challenges such as climate change. His message is that doing only what is easy and cost-effective is not enough. More is needed. He writes: “Surely we must do the easy things: They slow the damage and themselves become enabling symbols of empathy for future generations. But we cannot permit our leaders to sell us short. To stop at “easy” is to say that the best we can do is accept an uninspired politics of guilt around a parade of uncoordinated individual action. What of the power and exhilaration that comes from working with others toward bold possibilities for … Read entire article »

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Am I making a difference?

As I sit at my desk, staring into the eyes of the Lorax (yes, I brought “the Lorax” with me to colege), I can’t help but feel a certain amount of resentment towards the article “Individualization: plant a tree, buy a bike, save the world?” by Michael Maniates. This resentment does not stem from a difference of opinion, rather in the fact that Maniates has sadly convinced me of how futile my daily efforts in support of the environmental movement are. Since reading the article a few days ago, I have frowned at each can I put into my recycling bin, and sighed every time I go to grab my purse made from recycled plastic bottles. I shake my head as I unplug the coffee pot and toaster, roll my eyes at … Read entire article »

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Only Collectivism Can Save the Climate

What can each of us do in our daily lives to reduce environmental harm? For many years now, the environmental movement has dedicated itself to providing answers to this question: recycle, drive less, plant a tree, and the list continues. Greenpeace has even put together the handy guide “How to Save the Climate”, which provides a large range of actions one can take to make your contribution. If everyone just did their own part, we could save the planet. Right? Not quite. While recycling and planting trees are definitely activities we should encourage, they will not save the planet. All of these actions are ways for an individual to reduce the harm he or she causes to the environment – the problem, however, is that individuals are not killing the planet, … Read entire article »

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