Today is the day: An optimistic approach.

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Is it just me or does Morgan Freeman’s distinctive voice make anything sound possible? Freeman does just this through his narration of the short film What’s Possible, which was presented to the 2014 UN Climate Summit in New York a few weeks ago. This short film expresses global concerns through magnificent images in under 4 minutes. Morgan Freeman points out we already have all the technology we need in order to solve climate change. Now we must get our world leaders together to take action. This short film shows we have already done half of the work through developing groundbreaking technologies fostering sustainability, now we must have a cooperative approach towards governance.

Having a pessimistic view on climate change is the world’s demise. The people who think it is too late to act on climate change must realize everything we need is right here with us. We must be optimistic in order to change towards more sustainable ways. We have the capability to destroy this planet (which we are) but we have an even greater capability to save it. It is up to us to take action, this is our problem!


Watch the sequel to What’s Possible, A World of Solutions!!


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  1. Morgan Freeman should make all the inspirational videos about climate change…then maybe we should have more people fighting for a change! You are so right though; optimism is a big part of the battle. Nothing can be achieved if no one thinks its possible. This is why I’m not a fan of the realism point of view of international relations theory.

  2. Hi Briana, thanks for your post, Morgan Freeman is great. I have another video for you to watch. Morgan Freeman (and you) both allude to this idea of “saving the planet”. We see this frequently in the environmental movement. George Carlin has a great comic routine about “saving the planet” (pardon the vulgar language).
    I think that he brings up a really good point. We are the ones that need saving, his critique is well taken and I think valid. This is one of my favorite videos of all time, I really think that he does a great job of being comic and helping us realize the bigger picture.
    This is not to try and discredit you, I just think that he brings up a great perspective and makes us think about how we use our words.

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