We Cannot Wait for Climate Justice

We Cannot Wait for Climate Justice

The Policy group is working to organize an event for The Future Generations event tomorrow.  We hope to reserve a booth in order to both further our video research and give US youth the ability to write to their representatives back home to support the passage of new climate bills.

The conference is such a great place to get involved and have your voice heard.  We have been working in concert with the YOUNGOs which are an incredibly organized, talented, and driven group of youths.  There is a meeting that we plan to attend this afternoon that is a policy organizing group: hopefully, we will be able to offer ome valuable feedback and insight :).

Yesterday, I went to a high-level event with my peers in which high ranking officials spoke to the international youth.  After they had spoken, the youth who had helped to organize the meeting gave both of the speakers t-shirts saying “How old will you be in 2050?”  That is when it dawned upon me: it is the youth that will feel the results of these decisions made here in Copenhagen.  It is us that will feel the real effects, whether positive or negative.  All the people making these decisions right now are going to be dead or quickly along their way by 2050.  Therefore, it is our voice that needs to be heard.  We are the future.  If these people cannot step up to plate and make decisions that are ultimately going to determine the fate of the planet, it is we who have to take initiative.  It doesn’t matter who you are, you have a vested interest in this problem.  You don’t have to be an Environmental Studies major to care about your future.  And your future is exactly what the outcome of the negotiations here in Copenhagen will determine.

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