Everytime when the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities” is being discussed, people always go back to the topic  of finance and technology transfers. However, in terms of technology, there exists an issue of intellectual property rights.

Technology transfer has been seen as a barrier by developing countries with the existence of IPRs. Even though developing countries have proposed the idea to exempt climate-related technologies in their countries, developed countries are strongly against the proposal. To successfully ensure developing countries’ ability to tackle the climate change problem, technology is essential. Here developing countries are not asking for a lot of technology transfer since it is very costly. They hope developed countries would be willing to help out with building technologies in developing countries by transfering some technology skills so that developing countries could replicate them. It is just like developing countries need help from developed countries, but developed countries cannot help them forever. They need to teach them and let them develop the technologies and add their own input into it.


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