Jared E on September 21st, 2009

Maybe I’ve got it backwards (har har). I’ll be the first to admit that Climate Change is not my forte. As this class progresses and I am dealt the deed of being an ambassador for Dickinson College, I hope to wrap my mind around this larger phenomenon that will be taking place in Copenhagen. In […]

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Of many sources of suspected contention in the upcoming COP15 conference in Copenhagen, the issue of “common but differentiated responsibilities” is a major obstacle. As Whalley and Walsh indicate in their study “Bringing the Copenhagen Global Climate Change Negotiations to Conclusion,” this issue impacts participant economies of all sizes and strengths, particularly India, China, and […]

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Bettina Cerban on September 14th, 2009

We need to remember that the economic and behavioral changes required under the current climate change management plans are not going to be willed into being, they have to be consciously produced. This will only happen if commitment and compliance can be obtained from all communities in the world.

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rothrocop on September 14th, 2009

The Earth’s ecosystems are under attack by many virulent anthropological threats including global climate change that will make the Kyoto 2 Conference in Copenhagen in December of 2009 a critical juncture for global mitigation and adaptation programs. Can the Kyoto Protocol save Mother Earth’s Immune System? The careful implementation, monitoring, and expansion of existing Kyoto […]

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hoffmand on September 14th, 2009

Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs) are an important constituency in international climate change negotiations today. Perhaps because as a collective group, indigenous peoples have been dominated and neglected for hundreds of years, often uprooted from their lands and treated disrespectfully. Or maybe on some level, we realize that, as a collective group, indigenous peoples around the world might hold […]

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