The role trade will play in the post-Kyoto climate negotations has yet to been fully determined. Efforts have been made to reduce GHG emissions through trade, but many questions about the range and form of finance and investment for innovation, adaptation, and technology transfer remain. For our group’s key issue paper I focused on the […]

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nguyenl on September 21st, 2009

In Bali 2007, the topic of trade and finance in the context of climate change negotiation was brought up. This is also one of the topic that parties need to agree on in Copenhagan 2009. The idea of using trade and finance to reduce green house gases (GHG) is definitely a worthy topic. However, at […]

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I strongly believe that the commitments resulting from the Copenhagen Conference will revolve around trade.  People, countries, and the world think in terms of money; people will not simply start caring about the environment overnight.  Therefore, any outcome of Copenhagen must put into financial terms in order to have nations understand the full gravity of […]

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