Meeting Minutes 4/6/16

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes April 6th 2016

Attended by: Marcus, Andrew, Jim, Alyssa, Joe, Max, Katie, Alex Ken, Jeannette, Anna

  1. Green Bikes: 40 man hours over winter to fix them, have only seen one in the HB indicating that the maintenance was effective. Distributed 40+ bikes to students
  2. Red Bikes: no problems thus far
  • Events
    1. Bike Tour of Graveyards, Sunday 4/10/16, 1-3 PM, Beginner ride. Organized by Jim and Caitlin
    2. Carlisle Road Ride, Sunday, 5/1/16, 1-3 PM, Intermediate Ride. RSVP @
  1. Handlebar Updates
    1. HB has run 3 successful events this semester, SustainIT, mechanics workshop with Lifecycle, and Bike to Farm
      1. Reached a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff
      2. Potential for more workshops with Coles mechanic
    2. 46 Unique Visitors this semester, 159 total visits, 232 volunteer hours this semester
  2. Covered Bike Parking
    1. Use tricider platform for sharing opinions/voting
      1. Share with committee members first, if a consensus is reached no need to share with greater community, members should vote by 4/8/16
      2. All racks should fit into the master plan
        1. In the future can be written into it
  • Next step is space planning committee
  1. Park a Bike Rack Installation
    1. Current rack limitations
      1. Loop racks prevent theft but bikes almost always fall over
        1. Physically damaging
        2. Unsightly, not good for tours
      2. Ear pole racks are being phased out
  • Email was sent to SPC to recommend piloting new rack systems as a potential replacement for the loop racks
  1. Potential new rack locations
    1. Alisson Hall
    2. Outside Hub
      1. High visibility
      2. Frame against current rack styles
  • Outside Kaufman