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Brown II (1955): The Task of Desegregation

In From Jim Crow to Civil Rights (New York, 2004), Michael J. Klarman states that the Brown II decision made in 1955 gave hope to those who opposed the original verdict of Brown v. Board of Education a year earlier.  … Continue reading

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Williams v. Mississippi (1898): The Debate over Black Suffrage

In his book From Jim Crow to Civil Rights (New York, 2004), Michael J. Klarman states the importance of Williams v. Mississippi as a catalyst for African Americans challenging the field of disfranchisement.  While the eventual decision in the case refuted the objections brought up … Continue reading

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The Debate over Birthright Citizenship

Until recently, citizenship in the Fourteenth Amendment was considered to encompass all people born in America, even the children of illegal immigrants.  In his op-ed “Birthright of a Nation” from the New York Times, Peter H. Schuck states that these “anchor … Continue reading

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Federalist No.68 vs. Antifederalist No. 72: The Debate over How to Elect the President

One of the most important topics of debate at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 concerned the executive branch, specifically the the requirements surrounding the act of electing the president and the measures that had to be taken in order to … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin: America’s Renaissance Man

The eldest and arguably wisest of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s greatest and most successful citizens.  His ventures into newspaper publishing, science, and diplomacy overseas, among others, prove that there was very little … Continue reading

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