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Treaties and the Breakdown of the Separation of Powers

Today, so much of the President’s time and energy are focused on international affairs. Not only does the global environment demand the President’s attention but he possesses more sway over the United State’s foreign policy than any other person or branch … Continue reading

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Arguing Over Slavery in the Constitution

By Matthew Pinsker Originally written in fall 2015, this post has been revised and updated slightly in fall 2019. The words “slavery” or “slave” did not appear in the original US Constitution adopted by the Framers on September 17, 1787 … Continue reading

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Overturning Proposition 8: A Step Towards Equality

Columnist and Reverend Byron Williams shares his elation at the overturning of Proposition 8 in California by Judge Vaughn Walker, in his August 8, 2010 column in the Oakland Tribune. Proposition 8 had placed a ban on gay marriage in the state … Continue reading

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The Right of Birthright?

In “A Birthright That Shouldn’t Be,” Charlotte Allen,  a contributer to the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal, argues for the institution of stricter immigrant laws as a solution to the growing number of children born from illegal … Continue reading

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The Debate over Birthright Citizenship

Until recently, citizenship in the Fourteenth Amendment was considered to encompass all people born in America, even the children of illegal immigrants.  In his op-ed “Birthright of a Nation” from the New York Times, Peter H. Schuck states that these “anchor … Continue reading

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Anchor babies in America

Professor Peter Schuck of Yale Law school creates an argument for birthright citizenship in his op-ed to the NY Times on 13 August 2010, that uses a legal foundation,  and offers a pragmatic solution to the question of ‘anchor babies’. He … Continue reading

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Samad on Gay Marriage as a Constitutional Question

Anthony Asadullah Samad notes the significance of the Constitution in today’s gay rights debate in his op-ed piece titled “Overturning Proposition: Gay marriage ban was always a constitutional question” – featured in the Chicago Defender in August 2010. Sparked by … Continue reading

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Rotundo on Birthright Citizenship

Law professor Ronald Rotunda offers an especially clear argument in favor of birthright citizenship in his Chicago Tribune op-ed from September 16, 2010 (“Birthright Citizenship Benefits the Country”).  In this short piece, Rotunda argues that allowing practically anyone born in … Continue reading

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