PODCAST –Lincoln and Liberty

During the 1860 campaign, the Hutchinson Family Singers, a well known group of New Hampshire musical performers with strong antislavery sentiments, adapted a popular folk ballad, “Rosin’ the Bow,” (also Rosin’ the Beau) to help support the Republican presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln.  In 2011, a group of Dickinson choral students came together under the direction of music professor Amy Wlodarski to recreate “Lincoln & Liberty” on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War for the House Divided Project.  The student performers, known that night as The Singers Divided, were: David Cochrane, Laura Costa, Matt Linnehan, and Christopher Theodorou.  Fellow Dickinson student Don Sailer produced the music video to accompany their recording.  The lyrics for Lincoln & Liberty first appeared in print in the Hutchinson’s Republican Songster (1860).

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