VIDEO –Burlingame’s Lincoln

Historian Michael Burlingame published a multi-volume prize-winning biography of Abraham Lincoln in 2008 that offered a host of new insights, details, and fresh evidence on the great president’s life and career.  Yet that important new study contains over 2,000 pages of text, with another couple of thousands of pages left out of the printed volumes but now available online in PDFs from the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College.  In 2010, the House Divided Project at Dickinson College worked with Burlingame and his publisher (Johns Hopkins University Press) to create a series of interactive excerpts from his work.  These excerpts focus on Lincoln and the 1860 election and feature short video documentaries with online essays that allow students easy access to the scholar’s sources.  Please view the clips below (produced by Dickinson student Don Sailer and Professor John Osborne) and check out the essays at Journal Divided.  

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