VIDEO –Interviews with Underground Railroad Experts

In the summer of 2008, historian Fergus Bordewich (Bound for Canaan) and Harriet Tubman biographer Kate Clifford Larson (Bound for the Promised Land) visited Dickinson College as part of an NEH workshop on the Underground Railroad.  They spoke about the subject in a series of interviews with staff from the House Divided Project.

    • Fergus Bordewich on Underground Railroad myths

    • Fergus Bordewich on unsung UGRR heroes

  • Kate Larson on Harriet Tubman

  • Kate Larson on myths about Harriet Tubman

  • Kate Larson on Harriet Tubman and John Brown
  • Kate Larson on Tubman’s Civil War military service

  • Kate Larson on Tubman’s life after the Civil War

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