Cast of Characters

Foreign Actors:

  • Girja Shakar Bajpai- Indian Agent-General to Washington
  • Winston Churchill- British Prime Minister
  • Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi
  • Lord Halifax (Edward Frederick Lindley Wood)- British ambassador to the United States
  • K.A.D. Naoroji- Deputy Director of the Government of India Supply Mission- possible actor in Pearson leak
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Madame Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit– Sister of Jawaharlal Nehru and future ambassador to the United States, president of the UN General Assembly
  • Major Altaf Qadir- Third Secretary of the Indian Agent-General; possible actor in Pearson leak
  • Obaidur Rahman- Press Officer of the High Commission; possible actor in Pearson leak


  • Louis Fischer– Gandhi biographer
  • Chamal Lal- Hindustan Times correspondent; possible actor in Pearson leak
  • Drew PearsonWashington Post political columnist
  • Richard Walsh- Editor of Asia, head of John Day Publishing Co.


  • Pearl Buck- Author and honorary president of the League in 1944
  • K.C. Mahendra- Indian businessman, owner of a Bombay import-export company; owner of Castle Rock, a mansion on the Potomac in Falls Church, VA, and a regular Lobby event location; possible actor in the Pearson leak
  • Dr. Anup Singh- First editor of India Today, founding member of the National Commission for India’s Independence; claims involvement in Pearson leak
  • J.J. Singh– President of the India League of America
  • Walter White– Executive secretary of the NAACP


  • Emanuel Celler– Representative for New York
  • Happy Chandler- Democrat Senator from Kentucky
  • Clare Boothe Luce– Republican Representative for Connecticut


  • Adolph A. Berle- Assistant Secretary of State of Latin American affairs
  • Robert Crane- junior officer at the India Desk in the Division of Cultural Relations
  • Cordell Hull- Secretary of State
  • Colonel Louis Johnson- Personal representative to India for Roosevelt
  • Wallace Murray- Chief of the Division of Near East Affairs
  • William Phillips– Personal representative to India for Roosevelt
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Sumner Welles- Assistant Secretary of State

Supporting Characters:



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