Sustainability Reflection- Anika Moralis

I would define sustainability as something that affects people, the environment, justice, and the economy. It defines our ability to continue to grow as a society and as a world and it can change from generation to generation. My definition of sustainability changed because I have always associated sustainability with the environment and not all the other areas of life it reaches and affects. 

2 thoughts on “Sustainability Reflection- Anika Moralis

  1. @Anika. Thanks for this. I am curious what “all the other areas of life it reaches and affects” means to you. Were you familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals before this workshop? Were they a useful tool to help you see the interdependent nature of sustainability and the pandemic case study we discussed?

  2. Anika, thanks for your insightful comments. The recognition of sustainability as being associated with more than the environment is an important intellectual watershed. It can really change the ways that we think about the world, and change the kinds of solutions we choose to pursue.

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