Interdependence Reflection-Matthew Foote

Everyday, the choices we make can affect others. Whether it’s buying things from the grocery store or working with someone on a project, the actions we make can positively and negatively affect others. The sooner one realizes the fact that everything is dependent on something else, the sooner you can reach a state of self confidence and truth. Where you recognize and understand the differences between you and others and where you are confident in your ability to provide for others. Your place within society is a cog in the large wheel that keeps everyone moving. Some choices that affect others could be represented through acts of kindness to acts that people take for granted such as buying random products.

I see myself as an individual who has responsibilities to both myself and others. I recognize that I have been dependent on others my whole life, but I also feel it is important to also recognize that it is possible to also be an individual dependent on yourself. This could be seen more through self thoughts and actions which completely depend on your own willingness. The actions and thoughts are key for understand the world around us and they are key in representing your abilities within the wheel that keeps everything moving. The idea that everything you have ever done is dependent on someone else is false, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t positively or negatively shape your actions and thus your development. Through the further understanding of yourself, you can better partake in the social fabric that is interdependence.

One thought on “Interdependence Reflection-Matthew Foote

  1. Matthew – I like the way you are thinking about and negotiating differences between your agency and actions and larger systems of which you are a part. And that you are exploring how your own self awareness and identity plays a part in the idea of interdependence.

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