Interdependence Reflection – Tristan Haas

Interdependence used to seem like a facet of life that was removed from my everyday being. However, now, I have realized how impactful it is on my normal day to day life. Rather than collecting the resources that we need to survive or crating the products we desire ourselves, we simply obtain them from outside sources. I feel like there isn’t much interdependence coming from me, as in people are not relying on me to provide anything. However, I rely heavily on interdependence for most of my every day issues. However, I am not blind to how my actions can impact others. Everything I do could impact another person positively or negatively. It boggles my mind a fair bit. I see myself as a product of interdependence for sure. All of the travels I have conducted in my life, all of the activities I’ve done, things I’ve tried, etc. are a result of this interdependence. I used to like to think that I did not rely on anybody else for anything, that I was my own independent person. It seems that that perspective cannot be farther from the truth. I’ve always become very aware of my life of privilege.

2 thoughts on “Interdependence Reflection – Tristan Haas

  1. Be aware of privilege is the first step towards making positive change. We challenge you to continue to move forward with making a positive impact on the planet and its people with that in mind.

  2. You may be underestimating your positive influence on others Tristan and their dependence on you. How you interact with your classmates, show them respect and make them feel welcome adds positively to their education and their experience at Dickinson. Contributing your ideas to class discussions (or the GIS blog!), stimulates critical thinking of others and adds to their learning. A classroom of passive students is not conducive to learning. Learning by students and instructors is highly interdependent. Your blog post and video demonstrate that you are an active and positive co-producer of shared learning. Keep it up!

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