Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If I had to migrate to another country (of my choice), I would go to New Zealand. I feel like a large part of my identity is my race. Looking at the most recent censuses for the US and NZ, there is approximately the same percentage of white people but a greater percentage of Asian people in NZ. So although the population is approximately the same in terms of the percentage of people of color, I would probably be more likely to encounter someone who looks like me in NZ. From this perspective, I might be less of a target because the people I encounter are more likely to have similar experiences as me. I would be “less of a minority” in NZ than in the US.

Additionally, NZ has strong western influences, and the people there speak English. Therefore, coming from America, I would be able to assimilate more easily than someone coming from an Eastern country who would likely experience more of a culture shock and possibly have to learn a new language.

One factor that influenced my decision to migrate to NZ was their progressive ideology. From what I can tell from the news, they seem to have more inclusive legislation there. I think I would be less targeted as a woman (at least as far as legal restrictions go).

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