Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If I had to migrate to another country, I would probably go to France.  I’m not sure where exactly I would go in France, but  I picked because because I am a French and Francophone Studies major so I can speak the language.  Speaking the native language of a country when moving there is a huge privilege that I would be lucky enough to benefit from if I ever moved to France.   I think that this would help my experience moving there because that is one less thing I need to learn, get accustomed to, or worry about.  Being a French and Francophone Studies major, I have been able to study the culture in France.  Being familiar with French, culture, customs, and practices would help me for the same reasons that I previously listed.

I’m lucky because I think that my experience in France would be easy compared to that of others because of the privilege that I have as a white woman.  France, like many other western countries, tends to be racist, xenophobic and generally prejudiced towards certain groups of people.  In France, there are many Islamophobic policies and practices that negatively harm individuals.  One of the most striking and noteworthy examples is that Muslim girls and women are not allowed to wear their hijabs in schools and government buildings.  Furthermore, France has an attitude that demands linguistic integration from immigrants but immigrants of color are usually the first to be criticized or discriminated against for not speaking the language.

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