DEI reflection – Rhyan Rigby

If I had to migrate to another country, I would choose Barbados. The first reason that I chose this country is because it is in the Caribbean. I am from The Bahamas, so it is possible that there is some overlap between the livelihoods in each country however, I feel as though I will have a completely different experience. Another thing that draws me to Barbados is the fact that it is a very beautiful country. I want to spend the rest of my life around the beach and live the “island life” that I grew up on. Furthermore, I want to go to Barbados because of their political advances in the recent months. From the research that I have done, not only do they have a woman prime minister, but they have also made progressive legislation such as the decriminalization of marijuana and they have started the process of removing the Queen of England as their head of state.

Personally, these are things that stand out to me compared to the other Caribbean countries. In addition, in Barbados I would once again be the majority, which in many countries is a luxury. In terms of my identity, I feel as though I would not have as much trouble as I would settling into the culture if I went to a country in Europe. The first thing that does come to mind is that I am a foreigner and the target and agent dynamics that develop from that part of my identity.

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