DEI reflection

If I were forced to immigrate to another country my first thought would be to Canada or Mexico. My main reasoning of this would be that Canada and Mexico are directly next to the US which would be physically easy to move to. If I were to move to Canada, I speak both the national languages of French and English. In Mexico I have more of a language barrier, however I do have some form of contact with the Spanish language living in the United States as well as having a base knowledge of Portuguese which is very closely tied to the Spanish language. My familiarity with these languages would put me ahead of most other immigrants moving to one of these countries, and make me more privileged in this immigration scenario. Finding work would be easier in Canada with my ability to speak French and be a fluent English speaker where others in my position.
Also, the fact that I was born in an American citizen also grants meet certain privileges across the globe, as well as access to resources even before I emigrate such as access to multiple languages such as French Spanish Portuguese etc. and just a certain set of privileges being born in the US. Another agent identity which I hold is being white, it allows me privileges over black indigenous and people of color. My whiteness allows for me to be protected by any society that I live in no matter the country or continent.
Target identities that I hold would be that I am a woman as well as dyslexic. This means that I would be more disadvantaged in academic as well as professional settings. Mexico is a catholic country meaning that I would be subjected to certain standards of the catholic church.

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