DEI reflection

I would (I think I have this choice given my agent identities) migrate to France. Being a white male, who is able to speak the native language, my experiences in France would likely be similar to that of native, other than the fact that part of my identity would be an immigrant from America. Given this, I would face stereotypes and prejudices linked to being American, however, given my privilege as being white and male, my experiences would be close to positive. I think any immigrant’s experience is stained with the fact they are immigrants, and even within those prejudices and conceptions, there is a hierarchy of privileges. Furthermore, the ability to speak that native language aids in my personal experience. Therefore, my agent identity becomes the ability to speak the language, which would aid me in communication and understanding, and thus creating a new life. In addition, being a male is an agent identity in a patriarchal society adds even more to this idea of “ease,” or “aid.” And finally, being white would be the most “clear,” for lack of a better word, agent identity, as I would be finding myself in a place that has historical favored the “whiteness,” or European race. Finally, I am Jewish, and being in a country who has proved to have religious prejudices, this could become, in various aspects of life, a target identity. However, my identity does not center around that because, as Jean Paul Sartre once said, I am able to hide that I am Jewish.

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