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The Creation of Mankind (Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.77-88)

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Sanctius his animal mentisque capacius altae
deerat adhuc et quod dominari in cetera posset:
natus homo est, sive hunc divino semine fecit
ille opifex rerum, mundi melioris origo,
sive recens tellus seductaque nuper ab alto
aethere cognati retinebat semina caeli.
quam satus Iapeto, mixtam pluvialibus undis,
finxit in effigiem moderantum cuncta deorum,
pronaque cum spectent animalia cetera terram,
os homini sublime dedit caelumque videre
iussit et erectos ad sidera tollere vultus:
sic, modo quae fuerat rudis et sine imagine, tellus
induit ignotas hominum conversa figuras.



  • Ooops, in my haste I slightly muffed the translation of lines 80-81. It should be, “or whether the fresh earth, only recently separated from the high aether, still retained the seeds of its kindred sky.”

  • I really like this podcast; you read verse very well, I think. There were some things I noticed though: To form a dactyl, you must run together the e:s in deerat. The first syllable of hŏmo should be short. And finally, short first syllable in sătus (…sătŭs Īăpĕtō…).
    On my website I have published my recital of the first book of the Metamorphosis, including this section. Maybe it could be interesting to compare.

  • Thank you Johannes for being such an attentive critic! I am getting lazy. Please do post the link to your site, I’d love to see (hear) it.

  • Oh, just click on my name.

  • Ah yes, now I recognize you site from trolling the internet for spoken Latin. Great site!

  • Is it possible to post a transcript of your translation right below every post?

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