The delicious transition

The cafeteria room in the HUB building was, for the first couple days of orientation, packed to the rim with people, with lines extending long past the cashier. The sound of hundreds of people could be heard from outside, filled with excited conversation from the eager, but anxious first-year students. Most of these freshmen, if not all, were prepared for the day with a precise schedule, with a date for everything, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, as the days went by, it became clear that these meals became less of rigidly-placed times of day, and more of casual meetings, set up whenever the students desired to eat. This was consistent with the rest of orientation, all into the beginning of the academic term itself. As we are making the transition from high school students to university scholars, we are becoming more independent. Thus, it has, and will even further, become true that we take control of our lives and schedules, even if it be simply for lunch.