3 thoughts on “Carolyn and Jessie’s Final Project

  1. Your use of examples such as the Occupy Wall Street movement and the arrest of journalists supported your argument very well. You had a lot to say in a short amount of time but I feel like you were able to start and finish a well-rounded argument in the short video. My main criticism is that the background music was a little too loud, drowning out the voices at times.

  2. I think you guys picked a really interesting topic and your evidence was very strong. Starting by talking about the Bill of Rights made everything else you said in the video even more powerful. One thing that would have made your argument stronger is if you had debunked a counterargument. For example, some believe that the media should be used as a way to assist the government in accomplishing its goals, which ultimately might be better for the public. Overall, though, this video was very effective.

  3. The videos you use are helpful in conveying the message of your topic. Overall its a good video and an interesting topic. Some of the pictures however are kept on the screen too long. More pictures would make for a better video

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