4 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. I really liked your video and use of pictures and media. Your argument was well researched and very persuasive. My only criticism is that you talked too fast at times, but you had so much to say that it makes sense that you would talk quickly.

  2. The images of the factory workers working and the footage from the city was very effective in proving your argument. However, at times the transitions were a little abrupt. Overall- presentation was organized and research was clearly well done and analyzed. Maybe speaking a little slowly would help in understanding your dialogue.

  3. You had a lot of good evidence in this video. The statistics you provided were very effective, and your argument that social mobility is threatened because of class divisions was really powerful! Asir and Cassie have already said this, but the only thing I would have changed is how fast you spoke.

  4. Overall your video is good and interesting. The only criticism is that sometimes you speak quietly and it is hard to hear

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