5 thoughts on “Katie Mooradian Final Project

  1. I think this video was very effective in presenting and defending your argument. Your speech was very well worded and thought out and touched on important issues that need to be addressed in order to elicit change. The cartoons and the clip with the women depicted as sculptures were a nice touch in addressing certain aspects of your subject that you wouldn’t have had time to explain directly in detail.
    Nice job.

  2. Good strong format for presenting and defending your thesis. It was a controvertible and interesting topic. A few of the images were cartoons, and I was disappointed that I could not read them, so maybe just focus on one or two of the frames.

  3. I didn’t have time to read the cartoons, nor would I have been able to focus on what you were saying if I had, but I suspect that you anticipated that whilst putting together your project. As Joelle said, your video of objectified women helped to define what you were saying, so you didn’t have to be too wordy in your explanation. Occasionally, I was too busy listening to the music and lip-reading to hear you, but I still got the majority of what you said, and enjoyed your video a lot.

  4. Your had a strong argument and images to match. I thought that the combination of dialogue with visuals and the music was very well done, although one of my only criticisms is that there was a point where the music slightly overpowered your voice. I wasn’t able to read your comics but the dialogue was so well focused that I could have an idea of their meaning without being able to read the frames.

  5. I liked the message of your video – that by doing nothing to stop sexism in our society we are perpetuating it unwittingly. I thought you used some esoteric terms that should have been defined (such as “androcentric” or “asymmetric micro power”). Overall, I liked the video footage you chose, but your audio wasn’t always loud enough. Good job overall!

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