5 thoughts on “The Dangers of Psychiatric Institutions and Labeling

  1. I found your argument very compelling. Institutionalism seems to be an issue that is easy to ignore because of its disturbing nature and you were very successful in addressing and condemning it. The studies that you used as examples were very effective in supporting your point. This video was a little unsettling–in a good way!

  2. Very strong images which helped the message greatly. I liked the topic because it is an interesting paradox. You proved your point well with the evidence about the stories performed in these institutions.

  3. I, personally, have never heard this issue addressed before, so I found your video particularly compelling. All of your evidence was relevant and interesting. Your narration was concise and clear, and your pictures were provocative, so I always wanted to listen to what you were saying about them. Your project was definitely one of my favorites.

  4. The debate over what actually defines mental disorder is one of the subjects that personally interests me the most. Your information was all accurate and presented in a way that forced the viewer to rethink perceptions of what actually makes a person crazy. The stories and images meshed well together in a really compelling way and I thought you had a strong argument.

  5. You did a great job of choosing video footage that would evoke a strong emotional reaction from viewers. Also, good job with your narration – you spoke very clearly and at a comfortable pace for comprehension. Your evidence was very well chosen as well. Good job!

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