4 thoughts on “Creating Informed Citizens

  1. I really enjoyed the subject you chose. It made me think “yes! I did make the right decision in choosing a liberal arts college!” So I suppose that means your argument was effective. Your choice to use images and examples from Dickinson, something we are already knowledgable of, really helped to bring your point home.

  2. Well done on keeping the thesis clear and proving your point along with good images from around the campus. I also liked that you used a couple interviews. That was a nice touch. I would suggest perhaps slowing down the dialogue a little bit.

  3. I liked your topic, and I was really impressed with your inclusion of an interview with president Durden. You covered many bases of what makes a successful Liberal Arts college, although I wish you had included greater number of schools in your project. This felt a lot like an admissions video, and I think it would have been stronger if you had found some sort of statistical analyses of liberal arts students versus non-liberal arts students (i.e. this study shows that graduates of liberal arts schools have higher rates of employment, promotion, etc… are more likely to do [blank]…) However, I did find your video enjoyable.

  4. I really loved how relevant your topic is. You made sure that every individual viewing the post would be able to make some sort of connection to it. The interview with President Durden was a really influential part of the video and the only way it could have been made better was possibly a different camera angle when interviewing. You proved your point well and the video flows smoothly, the only other criticism I have is that Dickinson College is only one example of a liberal arts institution.

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