6 thoughts on “Does The Perfect Person Exist

  1. I thought the video you used of the woman being photoshopped fit your topic very well, and I liked how you put other images on top of it in the righthand corner. I feel that you thoroughly explained how ideal beauty is different in the muslim culture than western culture, but your explanation of cultural relativism on the other hand implies that it only applies to standards of beauty, which is not correct.

  2. I thought this presentation was well-done and the the images were fitting to the topic. I found the comparison of standards of beauty in different countries to be interesting. However, I also think that more countries and more ideas of what constitutes “beauty” and “perfection” could have been discussed. Also, the Star Wars-style introduction seemed a little bit long.

  3. I liked how you used the photos and videos that were very relevant to your topic. I also liked how you answered your question about whether the perfect person does it exist. After watching your entire video I believe that your argument was very convincing. Good job!

  4. The argument that you made in your video was very convincing. The content of your video was well researched, very informative and interesting to listen to. I liked the different images that were incorporated. The organization and delivery of the presentation was well developed.

  5. The argument you made was very convincing. You blending your argument well with videos that complimented the points you were making. It was clear that you did substantial research to develop your points based on the references to a variety of specificity concerning different cultures. It was also a very engaging piece. Your argument was sound and convincing and a solid work, overall.

  6. I really enjoyed this video and you guys did a great job. This topic was very interesting to me and it was great how this video really showed what is wrong with society and how this image of how we are “supposed” to be is really harming us. Great work.

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