11 thoughts on “Chandigarh: The Planned City

  1. Great idea for a video! I think it fit really well with our course and it was also very interesting. However, I feel that you could have added a little more of a personal opinion as to why le corbusier’s design was a failure rather than giving statistics.

  2. You did an excellent job integrating different video clips and images together which show life in Changdigar. I also really enjoyed the images you found of the cities planners. Your transitions were seamless and I like what you did with the map highlighting different areas. Your visuals did a very good job of helping the viewer understand exactly what you were referring to whereas without them it may have been confusing. All around you put together a very good project.

  3. I think your argument was very persuasive. You provided efficient background information that supported your argument. I agree with the fact that it ended up creating social inequality instead of creating social equality. Great job Sahil!

  4. Nice work on this presentation! Your research on Le Corbusier and his plan for Chandigarh is mixed in quite well making it very informative. Ultimately, the information you provide works very well in making your argument. Also, the technical additions make it a very interesting project to watch.

  5. This video was very well-done, both visually and content-wise. The topic was well-researched and clearly tied in with the theme of the Learning Community. I especially enjoyed the animation you added to the map of the proposed city. I would have liked to have seen more photographs of the actual city itself, though.

  6. I think you did a very good job with this video. I liked how you include the photos that you did. I also liked how you included the facts that you did. I would have liked to hear your opinion on why the city failed. Good job overall though!

  7. Overall, you did a great job! The content that you included in your essay is very informative and enriching. I like all of the images you incorporated into your video. Your voice projection was good, I was able to understand clearly all that you talked about and it was at the right pace. Your topic was relevant to the course theme, also your topic was very interesting.

  8. Incredible research. You managed to go very in depth on a complex subject and expand upon both its historic context and ideological basis. Your use of media was superb and immensely assisted your explanation of The Planned city. While it seems that it fit the ideals of your course, I found that there wasn’t substantial personal opinions established in the video which detracts from the project’s overall purpose.

  9. I really, really enjoyed this project. You clearly put in work in regard to both the content of your video and the visuals that accompanied such. Your ability to use photoshop (ie. when you highlighted certain areas) effectively enhanced the video and made it more visually appealing. I would suggest turning the background music down a little bit to make your other audio more coherent, but other than that this was very well done!

  10. Sahil, this was so great! Your script took such a steady and strong path to clearly prove your thesis–going from the disparity between what Chandigarh is and what it was meant to be, to the history of why it became that way, and then finally to the “so-what” of whether societies should value the health of the individual versus that of the society. It was really interesting to watch, and so engaging. It’s also really interesting that both Chandigarh’s and Eastern State’s problems were caused by overpopulation… I guess that just proves how well your topic matches our course material!

  11. Great work Sahil! Your images and the technological aspects of this film amazed me. Also, you were able to do a great job breaking down your topic and really informing us as viewers. This was a very interesting film to watch and I really enjoyed it.

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