6 thoughts on “Euthanasia

  1. You did a good job describing different types of euthanasia in your video , but I feel that it lacked a “so what?” and gave me to reason to be persuaded to believe euthanasia should be used.

  2. You did a good job describing the different types of euthanasia, but the video lacked a “so what” aspect. I did not walk away from it feeling persuaded in anyway.

  3. Your descriptions of the different types of euthenasia are very helpful and informative. Additionally, you make very clear what types you think should be accepted. I think some more variety in terms of the images you use would make your presentation stronger and more captivating, but otherwise, well done!

  4. The various examples that you used were valid and informative. I think you did a good job overall but like Sara said, different pictures in your video would make it more engaging.

  5. The topic you chose was interesting, and you definitely presented a clear and controvertible thesis. However, I feel that the actual focus of your script was misplaced. It appears you researched the definition of euthanasia, but not evidence that actually proved your thesis. Rather than defining the three different types of euthanasia, which did not directly relate to your thesis, you could have presented stories about people who had suffered because they had been refused the right to die. Alternatively, you could have disproved the arguments against euthanasia, so only arguments in favor of euthanasia remained logical. Otherwise, I liked the tone you used in your writing–it was strong… even disgusted with the idea that we could refuse people the right to euthanasia. All you need, I feel, is evidence to back up that tone.

  6. The idea you chose for your project was both controversial and well-researched. However, while the images you chose were relevant, they did not necessarily enhance the project. Maybe choose more compelling ones in the future? I liked the ending and how you stated your position on euthanasia, but I also thought the video could have been improved if that part hadn’t been left until the last few seconds. Overall, though, I could tell you put effort into this project and definitely was intrigued.

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