First Provisional Gov’t

Author: The First Provisional Government was created by the Temporary Committee of the members of the State of Duma. The Committee proclaimed itself the official governing body of the Russian Empire.
Context: The Provisional Committee was formed in 1917, just as the February Revolution was beginning.
Language: The language of the document is concise and simple, representing the clear purpose of the Provisional Committee.
Audience: The Committee’s intended audience was the entirety of the Russian Empire as they sought to be recognized as Russia’s official governing body.
Intent: The Provisional Committee intended to establish a new form of government in Russia during a period when no clear government was in place.
Message: The First Provisional Committee called for a new governing body which would acknowledge and accept the freedoms of the people. The Committee sought to legalize political rights like the freedom of speech and abolish any governmental regulations based on religion, class, or nationality. In short, the Provisional Committee desired a more progressive and tolerant state without unfair government restrictions.

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