3-2-1 Fascism

3 Points

1: Fascism does not believe in the possibility or the practicality of peace. Those who repudiate peace and have courage to rise up to face war and have the courage to fight, are “stamped with nobility”.

2: Fascism is the complete opposite of Marxist Socialism. Fascism propagates holiness and heroism, therefore, in actions that are not influenced by economic motive. UNlike Marxist Socialism, Fascism does not believe that class wars are the main force in the transformation and change in society.

3: Fascism goes against democracy and rejects its idea that having a majority in numbers means that that majority should direct society. It believes in the inequality of all mankind and denies the “truth” of political equality, the myth of happiness, and the possibility for society to have indefinite progress.

2 Questions:

In what way does fascism have a similar view to imperialism?

How do the principles of Fascism support what the Italian people wanted after WWI?

1 Observation:

Fascism used some of the same theories and terminology that socialism uses, but instead of focusing on class wars, it put the focus on conflict between nations and races.

3 thoughts on “3-2-1 Fascism

  1. I think fascism can have imperialistic aims. For example, the fascist Nazi regime sought to become the “master race” and control the entire world. Imperialistic aims similarly involve the taking over vast areas of land to be annexed into the empire. The two differ in that fascism involves a totalitarian government ruled by a dictator while imperialist countries, like Great Britain, can be democracies.

  2. Your statement that “fascism propagates holiness and heroism,” is imperative to understanding the priorities of the fascist state. Its denial of class- war transforming society because of economic motivations proves its disbelief in a preordained societal progression and places more of an emphasis on “heroism” and individual achievement.

  3. The words “holiness and heroism” have been mentioned on a few times in other posts. It is important to understand why fascism takes class struggles and applies it the struggle to compete with other nations. It’s not about the masses it’s about the individual and the masses and does not promise the people complete happiness but instead shows how impossible it is.

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